"My only regret is that I didn't write this novel myself. Balls is hilarious and beautifully written. Really, a beautiful read...with a real New York sensibility."  

                                                      -Tony Roberts, star of Annie Hall and Serpico

"Julian Tepper, writing his first novel, will remind you of others who began their great careers with such a character and dilemma, but he will also strike you as surely original in how he makes it all so, well, ballsy."                                                       

                                                      -Steven Isenberg, former publisher of New York Newsday

"It's like Madmen with Jews. And balls. Delightful."

                                                      -Thomas Beller, founder of Open City and author of How to Be a Man  

A New York story, a dark comedy, Balls tells of the thirty-year-old Henry Schiller, a songwriter and lounge-player, in love with a woman far younger and more musically gifted than himself, one with her eye on other men and the rise of her own career, whose crisis deepens when he discovers he has testicular cancer.